Himalayan Salt Health Benefits

Salt has been getting a bad rep in the recent years. However, did you know that salt is an essential part of your diet?

While it may be true that consuming too much salt can have negative impacts on your health, not consuming enough salt, or the right kind of salt, can also result in poor health.

In this post we’ll go into detail on one of the best kinds of salt that you can have in your diet: himalayan salt.

Table salt – Good or bad?

Most table salts these days are manufactured in a way that essentially strips all of the nutrients from them. They also often contain potentially toxic anti-caking agents and sometimes bleach. So, when you are consuming table salt, you’re mainly just consuming chemicals, sodium, and not getting any essential nutrients.

Also, most common table salts do not contain iodine which is a necessary nutrient that is responsible for many hormonal functions.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayn salt, or sometimes referred to as just “pink salt”, is one of the purest salts that is available on the market today. It contains many of the nutrients that are essential from salt, including iodine, without any added chemicals. Pink Himalayan SaltNot only does it contain more nutrients, but for most people, it also taste better than normal table salt.

Where does himalayan salt come from?

Himalayan salt comes from Pakistan in the Punjab region. It’s mined in the Khewra Salt Mine which is located close to the Himalayan Mountains. The salt itself isn’t exactly mined straight from the Himalayas, it just happens to be close by.

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Which is better, himalayan salt or sea salt?

Unfortunately, due to the constant pollution of our seas, sea salt has been getting a pretty bad rep in the health community, and rightly so. However, it really depends on where the sea salt is harvested and how much it’s processed. Overall, sea salt is a better choice than table salt, but the clear winner is definitely himalayan salt.

Are there any health benefits from using himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are an extremely popular home-decor item. Many of the manufacturers of these lamps often Are There Any Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits?tout their supposed health benefits, but are these claims actually true? Some of the stated benefits are:

  • Cleansing the air
  • Increasing the flow of oxygen
  • Reducing allergens
  • Improving sleep and energy levels
  • Emitting negative ions and reducing radiation

Sure, the benefits sound great, but unfortunately, none of them have actually been proven by scientific studies and trials. The lamps are much like those bracelets that claim to have all sorts of health benefits but in reality any of the positive effects experienced were the result of a placebo effect.

Placebo or not, the lamps however are quite attractive and can make a great gift or addition to your home.

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While himalayan salt lamps might not be worth purchasing for the purported health benefits, adding it to your diet can be beneficial, especially when substituting it for normal table salt.

Salt is an absolute essential part of the human diet, but you should be wary of what kind of salt you’re consuming!

What are your thoughts on the pink salt?

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