Is Microwaving Food Bad For You?

Are microwaves really all that bad for you? Before you completely write mircowaves off as unhealthy, let’s take a look at the science behind them.

Are microwaves really all that bad for you?

Microwaves are extremely common these days. It’s highly unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to find one in the average household or even in many restaurants. They are extremely convenient to use because they can heat up your food in a very short amount of time. However, the question still remains, are they really unhealthy for you?

Some health experts make claims that microwaves are doing all sorts of bad things to us and our food. These claims include:

  • Leaking high amounts of dangerous radiation
  • Destroying all of the nutrients in food
  • Causing chemicals from plastic to seep into our food

Let’s go into more detail on each of these claims.

Microwaves leaking radiation

Yes, it is a known fact that microwaves do produce radiation. However, so do most of the¬†electronic devices in your home. Even the sun produces large amounts of radiation! So does that mean that you should throw away all of your electronics and go live underground where you’ll never see the sun again? NO!

There are many different types of radiation, so it’s important to consider what type of radiation is produced by microwaves. We are constantly being exposed to a bunch of radiation every day, so why aren’t we all ridden with cancer?

The type of radiation that we are most commonly exposed to, including the type that is produced by microwaves, is what is known as non-ionizing radiation. Generally speaking, being exposed to this type of radiation in your every day life is not going to have any detrimental impacts on your health.

If you’d like to read more about radiation from consumer electronics, you can do so here.

Microwaving food kills the nutrients

Some people claim that microwaving your food completely rids your food of all of its vitamins and nutrients. That is definitely not true.

While it is known that some vitamins, such as vitamin C can be destroyed by heat, most vitamins and nutrients actually become more bioavailable due to the breakdown of the cell walls.

Chemicals from plastic getting into our food

If you are concerned about this, then by all means, avoid using plastic in the microwave. However, plastic containers are typically designed to not leak out any chemicals into our food. Most plastic containers will state on the packaging if they are microwave safe or not. Due to the rigorous testing involved by the companies that produce plastic containers, it is generally regarded as completely safe to use them in the microwave.

Keep in mind that not all plastic containers are microwave safe. Make sure to check before using them in the microwave!


So, are microwaves really all that bad? The science says no. Besides, if they were really all that bad for us, there would most likely be tons of lawsuits and tons of people ridden with cancer from their use.

However, all health related issues aside, some people do not like the texture of food that has been microwaved. Food that has been microwaved often comes out as dry or mushy.

Overall, using a microwave to heat your food all comes down to personal preference. What are your thoughts on using a microwave?

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